Experience with a female keyboard, Caroline keyboard

Do you know? The printer was born, hiding a beautiful love story. In 1808, the Italian young man Pelleini Turi fell in love with a beautiful and kind blind girl. In order to let her beloved girl write words like ordinary people, he made the first mechanical typewriter.

Although the typewriter has long since left our daily lives, the keystroke design of the typewriter has remained in the modern keyboard. As we all know, the layout of the keyboard is not in the order of 26 letters, nor in the order of common words. Instead, it is designed to avoid a special layout that avoids typing too fast.

In order to allow computer users to convert from typewriters and reduce learning costs, such key layouts are still used today.

The layout of the modern keyboard has basically been formed. In the past 30 years, the win button, the power button, etc. have been added, and the essence remains unchanged. The picture above is the keyboard of the IBM original computer more than 20 years ago. It has an obvious ergonomic arc, and the buttons of each row are adapted to the length of the finger for height adjustment.

However, this early mechanical keyboard was harder than the current black shaft, and the sound was louder than the green shaft.

The development of the keyboard from the mechanical keyboard to the membrane keyboard and back to the mechanical keyboard, the layout design on the surface has changed little, but the details have been improved. In the past, many people’s keyboards were the only input tools. The keyboard is no longer the only human-machine dialogue tool. Therefore, it is more suitable to choose a keyboard that feels good and fits your own personality.

In recent years, many game players have chosen mechanical keyboards, so what about keyboards for female users? Suggestions can look at K510D Caroline

Caroline is a dual-mode keyboard for women that can be connected via Bluetooth or via USB. Caroline also uses the Mark Dragon color, mint green, cherry powder, pearl white three.

The keyboard we usually touch is basically square, and almost all the lines of Caroline are round, and the affinity for women is greatly improved.

The keyboard is, of course, the first touch, this is the essential needs of the keyboard. K510D Caroline uses a shallow disc design round keycap, a little retro typewriter keycap, while the shallow disc design is concave from the outside to the inside, the finger feels better. The keystroke of the keyboard is longer than that of a normal wireless keyboard, and the pressing feel is better, while the silent design is more suitable for women who like quiet.

All the lines of Caroline’s lines are round, so cute and lovely. Carolina is not only by the value of the face but also very good in terms of function.

On the right side of Caroline, there are not only switches but also wired and wireless mode switches. Convenient for different needs of users. Connect via Bluetooth, not just computers, tablets, and mobile phones

Unlike ordinary wireless keyboards, Caroline can connect three devices at the same time, such as notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. FN+F1, Fn+F2, Fn+F3 can quickly switch between three different devices to achieve high resource integration, which makes the desktop more concise and efficient.

Caroline also has a special groove for placing the tablet and the phone, the angle is just right, and the office is more efficient.

At the same time, there is a multimedia function button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which is convenient for listening to music and decompression while working.

Caroline also uses a floating keycap design, which is easy to clean and suitable for female friends who love cleanliness. The design of women should not be limited to color and lines.

The past wireless keyboard is basically equivalent to cutting the office keyboard off the cable, it is very boring. Moreover, the peripheral products are basically male, no matter the size, color, details, but not much for women. Caroline, cute, not only good-looking, but also wired and wireless dual-mode, and can be connected with three devices, making the desktop lighter and more convenient to store. At the same time, unlike the general wireless keyboard, the floating keycap design can also be easily cleaned. This kind of keyboard is a wireless keyboard suitable for women.

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