First experience sharing with BOOX NOTE

When I first started reading e-books, I was reading the second day. At that time, I started to use touch-screen mobile phones. The favorite thing is to read novels for a few hours a day. When my eyes started myopia, unfortunately, I found that the electronic paper book was too late, and it was not until 2019 that I knew that there was a paper book machine.

After purchasing the poke pro, I liked the electronic paper book, which is environmentally friendly. However, poke pro did not meet my daily needs, so I bought boox note. Let’s take a look at the experience of boox note.

Exquisite packaging

The electronic paper book forum shared the note template, filled in at night according to the map, the pen is plastic, the effect is ok, a little jagged can bear, the eyes can not be seen as long as they are not attached.

You can make pdf to make copybooks, maps, and painting templates in the note template directory, which can be reused. Only 5 apps, Kindle, more watch, more cats, Fancast, h5 browser, can basically be used.

Kindle and more look at the cloud optimization display are very good, I don’t like to use the a2 mode when reading the book after the page is optimized, it will be almost the same as the built-in reading, and the display effect is also OK.

6.8mm 325g

If I read more books, I will use these two apps and a built-in reader. The built-in reader is powerful, and all formats can be opened. The 10.3-inch pdf effect is good, you can adjust the picture contrast, cut the white side, rearrange, etc., 2g pdf comics open about 3 seconds.

The effect displayed under the table lamp at night

The effect displayed under the table lamp at night

Many cats watch comics for free, and Fancast listens to books for free. When reading books and comics are too tired, you can use Fangcast to listen to the book, but the sound of the built-in speaker is small, just open to the maximum, you can also use the Type-C mouthpiece. In addition, boox note actually has a microphone, although I don’t use it very much, and I remember that some people said that boox can’t use his mobile phone to open the wifi hotspot when there is no wifi, but I found it can be used when using 6-inch poke pro.

It should be 10.3 inches, except for Sony’s lightest one, which is smaller than my 14-inch computer.

The Bluetooth network sharing of the mobile phone allows boox note to connect to the network, and then you can surf the Internet happily! In general, boox note is cost-effective, has no obvious shortcomings, and is suitable for starting!

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