Byebye strawberry Nose,The secret of removing blackhead

Recently, the weather has become hotter and hotter. The people who collapsed just took makeup for a long time and took off makeup. The most collapsed thing is that the face is not only greasy! There is a strawberry nose! The blackheads are stubbornly unable to do it. It is simply a wildfire that cannot be burnt and spring. It is believed that many girls have the same blackheads like me, except that blackheads are a century-old problem in the skin care industry.

A big reason for the long blackheads is that the skin is oily, and the reasons for the oil are thousands of species, but the habits are the same.

Are you facing a mobile computer for a long time? Do you like junk food? Do you love to drink happy house water? With the pleasant staying up late, how much damage to the skin can be imagined?

In addition to healthy and regular living, the method of relieving oil can also properly supplement the vitamin B family. Finally, of course, it is to find a suitable oil control cleaning product for you~ Today Xiaobian recommended his heart and water to everyone, I hope that in this tug-of-war, girls can beat the blackhead!

AHAVA Dead Sea Mud Cleansing Mask

AHAVA is a skincare brand that Israel regards as a national treasure. It applies the natural sea mud refining of the local Dead Sea to the formula and pays attention to the sense of use. Mainly combined with kaolin, zinc oxide and other powders to form a clean formulation matrix. Make the most adjustments in cleaning ability and mildness. It can gently clean excess facial oil and old dead skin cells. The blue-gray paste will have black particles of black mud that are not obvious after smearing. After washing, I felt that my face was very clean and the dirty things in my pores were taken away.

Su fiber natural clay mud purification mask

Sukin, a natural skin care brand in Australia, does not seem to have a big fire in China – but it is a household name in Australia. Xiaobian accidentally bought this clay mask, which can be said to be much better than expected. Good cleaning ability, comfortable after washing will not dry and tight. The price of less than one hundred yuan is very conscience! It is home to a variety of natural and organic plant essential oils such as rosehip oil, shea butter, and lavender essential oils. It can moisturize and moisturize, and it is also good for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The earthy brown wet and viscous texture, mixed with the smell of various essential oils, is fragrant and pleasant. It should be noted that the shelf life is relatively short, only 9 months. After all, there is no added organic brand, so it can’t be put too long~

Xinlan frozen film

This is my repurchase of products that I don’t know how many times. I remember that every time I went to Hong Kong, I always went back to the drug store to get back a few cans. The price is simply worthwhile!

Xinlan is a jelly-type cleansing mask, which is completely different from the common mud-type cleansing mask that everyone usually looks at. Jelly gel texture, the feeling of the upper face is soft, cold and cold, the experience after the hot summer is very good.

After cleansing the face, use a hot towel to cover your face and open your pores. Then you must “thickly apply for half an hour”! What I like the most about it is the real effect that you can see every time you finish it. The black-headed whitehead, which was originally embedded in the pores, was thickened and really floated out of the pores! At this time, use acne needles to scrape them all down (do not squeeze by hand, beg you!) After use, remember to apply a moisturizing mask, the perfect cleaning step is achieved.

Today, I recommended three masks that you can buy according to your actual situation. I believe that as long as the girls clean their face and good living habits, and blackheads say bye-bye is no longer out of reach. ~

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