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After Coachella this weekend, we have a LOT of ideas on new hair colors to try and hairstyles to experiment with. From barrettes and jeweled clips to Khaleesi braids and rose-colored strands, there was inspiration galore all over our Instagram feed! That made it the perfect time to chat with Jennifer Long Riordan, the owner of Bentley Hair & Beauty in the Gold Coast. After emigrating from Ireland, Jennifer has combined knowledge and experts from her home country with the best in Chicago beauty to create a one-of-a-kind salon experience that only increased our hair inspo dreams.

The combo of European and American techniques allows them to offer different techniques hairstylists don’t normally use in the US, including using packets instead of foils to dye hair. This causes less damage to the hair, gets the color closer to the root and reduces color bleeding. All very good things if you ask us! They also use less hot tools and hair damaging products throughout their stylings so you can be sure your style will stay and not dry out. We’re always looking to expand our beauty knowledge, especially if it’s with ways that help us care for ourselves more, so we talked to Jennifer about haircare, must-have products, and why we should all get some Coachella braids…

You have stylists from all over the world. How does this help your team?

What makes Team Bentley one if the best is the fusion of both European and American stylists and their respective hair styling techniques and training.  With a mix of training and ideas into the melting pot, Bentley has the best of both worlds and the salon offers the very best of services to its clients. American and European styles can be quite different but we are able to offer our clients more diverse styles and color opportunities.

What are some stand-out treatments everyone should try?

One of the treatments that everyone should try is the Brazilian Blowout. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these  smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. This treatment is customizable, in that the client can keep the curls or go for a sleek and smooth look. It is also great for all hair types and unlike keratin, there is no waiting time. Once the client leaves the salon they can immediately exercise, put hair into a ponytail or clip without having to wait days to do so.

You focus a lot on the care and preservation of hair. How do you use products that ensure this?

Hair care is very important to us and the stylists advise the client on hair care from the minute the client walks into the salon to when they leave. We do a full consultation with the client before the service begins, the client is asked about the condition of their hair and from there, advice is given on the type of shampoo and conditioners that the client should use. We carry two of the best hair care ranges in the industry, Kerastase and Shu Uemura. We also have a wide range of hair masks from both brands along with the Fusio Dose by Kerastase, which is an in salon treatment only and treats the hair from the inside out.  We use the best styling products and a heat protector is a must before applying heat to the hair. We tell the client the products we use on their hair so that they are fully aware of the type of hair care that is best suited for the health and conditioning of their hair.

Why should we avoid having foil used on our hair? What can we ask of our stylists?

The most common alternate technique used is easi-meche packets. You can ask if this is an option at your salon in advance of your appointment. We use the easi-meche for high lights. This technique is better because its clear, so you can see the level of lift without opening the packet. It also has an adhesive strip that when water is applied it slides off the hair instead of tugging lightly on the hair (which is how foil is removed). It also is a faster technique as the easi-meche packets are already cut and there is no folding necessary.

How can we make our treatments last longer?

Deep conditioners are a more intense reparative for the hair as they provide a coating to shield the hair shaft. They are used to protect and repair the hair. Treatments are very important for your hair and there are different types of treatments depending on the hair type.

To keep treatments longer and keep the condition of the clients hair healthier it is important to treat your hair at home as well as in salon. High end products will help the condition of the hair like Kerastase and Shu Uemura. You can do in salon treatments and also get treatment masks for at home to do 2 or 3 times a week to keep your hair in better condition. Drug store shampoos and conditioners usually have a lot of parabens and sulfates which cause a lot of buildup in hair, dry out the hair and cause the color to strip out of the hair faster. High end shampoos, conditioners and masks will help keep hair treatments last longer and keep hair in great condition.

What are some hair products everyone should have in their arsenal?

A serum that protects and repairs the hair, such as Serum Therapist by Kerastase, ultimate reset by Shu Uemura  and/or the urban moisture by Shu Uemura. These products are repairing serums that protect the hair from heat and seals split ends. It is good for all hair types and you can use it on wet or dry hair.

The elixir oil by Kerastase is another great product that can be used daily and can be used in multiple ways. Elixir can be used at home as a pre-cleanse, you apply to the hair before shampooing rinse it out to take away any impurities and then shampoo, it can be used as a heat protector before styling and as a finisher for a high shine finish. We also recommend heat protectors as mandatory and in this regard we recommend the Blow Dry Beautifier by Shu Uemura and the Ciment Thermique by Kerastase.

What are some hair and styling trends coming up for Spring 2019?

The biggest styling trends coming into Spring 2019 are long braids, unlike the small braids the long braids are done low and full with a high shine finish, the wet look style is also in for this Spring, this look is swept back with lots of volume and a glossy shiny finish also retro style is in for this spring which is done by using hair accessories like chic clips, over-sized bows and headbands.

For Spring 2019 the color trends are all about copper red tones which can be used as a nice natural shade or a bright illuminated finish. The warm tones in blondes are coming in this summer instead of the platinum cool tones we had in previous seasons, it’s a much more natural tone and also the pastel colors are in vogue this season including the coral, blush pink and pastel blue. The short bob is very popular this season also, the texture is important to keep it a funky textured bob.

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