lose weight 30 pounds, Emily’s experience summary!

This article is divided into 6 parts. If you have special needs, you can jump directly:

  • Part1. Weight loss before and after 30 pounds comparison: a contrast of the same piece of clothing; real shot at each weight stage; benefits of weight loss to Emily
  • Part2. Before losing weight, Emily’s physical condition: height, weight and maximum value, physical introduction, daily diet, fitness, weight gain opportunities
  • Part3. Emily’s weight loss process, how to maintain weight: weight loss opportunities, weight loss start time, weight loss curve, weight loss stage, maintenance stage
  • Part4. Weight loss brings Emily what: the benefits and disadvantages of weight loss (yes, there are disadvantages)
  • Part5. Weight loss experience dry goods sharing: experience sharing and lessons learned
  • Part6. Weight Loss Common Q&A: People who pay attention to weight loss often ask questions, and Emily’s answer

Part1. Weight loss before and after 30 pounds

The picture is compared as follows! This is the same piece of clothing contrast, the left picture is the state of Emily 124 pounds, the picture on the right is the state of Emily 94 pounds.

This is the different weight map of Emily during weight loss:

The 97-pounds Emily is still thinner than the 94-pounds, which is the benefit of fitness! When shooting 94 pounds, Emily has not exercised for half a year.

What about the benefits of losing weight to Emily?

1. In August 2018, after losing weight for 2 months, Emily participated in the 21km km Spartan Warriors Wild Race, which took 5 hours to complete the race!

2. In September 2018, after losing weight for 3 months, Emily completed the 35km China Wutaishan Dachaotai event, which took 12 hours.

3. In the year of weight loss (2018.7~2019.7), Emily was not sick (except for tooth extraction), and even had a cold.

4. The successful weight loss brought Emily good clothes rack image that most people recognize. Student dress, Loli dress can be worn

In Japan in January 2019, the weight has dropped below 100 pounds.

Part2. Before the weight loss, Emily’s physical situation

Before introducing Emily’s weight loss process, it is necessary to talk about Emily’s physical condition. Everyone’s physical condition is different. Finding the most suitable weight loss method is the most important.

The basic situation, Refer to this form:

  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Age: 20-30 years old
  • Fitness: no
  • Body fat: non-easy lean body

Additional instructions:

1. Regarding Emily’s daily diet, you can’t just look at this form. You have to list the details to know how much Emily eats every day, so I can compare it with the back. Usually, Emily’s day is like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 buns + 1 egg + 1 bowl of porridge
  • Morning meal: 1 cup of milk tea, or 1 cup of mocha
  • Lunch: 2 dishes (one meat and one vegetarian) + 2 two meals + 1 bowl of soup
  • Afternoon meal: 1 popsicle +1 bag of potato chips (the most common type of 75G), occasionally add some chocolate, sugar, apricot and the like
  • Dinner: hot pot/chop/ crayfish + beer, or McDonald’s = large set +1 serving spicy wings, or oversized mala Tang. Dinner is usually done outside or taken out.
  • Evening meal: 1 popsicle (yes, one more) + melon + potato chips (yes, new one)

In addition, Emily’s popsicles are usually made from a mixture of cream and chocolate. They don’t like ice, just like ice; this is what Emily is now~

2. Emily’s weight has remained at 120 pounds for five or six years. On the basis of normal eating and drinking every day for 2 months before losing weight, I increased my staying night by night, so I went up 4 pounds, but in fact, if I don’t care about it, I can fall back in a few days.

Above, Emily just wants to explain that Emily’s fat is related to the mouth. Now think about it, according to the above method, Emily’s weight can be kept at 120 pounds, and God is really good for Emily…

Therefore, Emily’s weight loss barrier is mainly to eat, and for more than 20 years, Emily’s dream has always been – eat all over the world

Part3. Emily’s weight loss process and how to maintain weight

Weight loss opportunities:

The main thing that prompted Emily to lose weight was two things:

1. 124 pounds this weight has exceeded the Emily husband (120 pounds). He is not the kind of person who cares about his body. Emily has 110 pounds when he knows Emily, but he will overweight him. It is obviously something that Emily has never thought of and planned.

2. Self-esteem is hit hard. People like Emily, who have no self-knowledge, can live with this weight for so many years, and certainly, they are super-skinned. And Emily’s skeleton is not big, it looks like more than 110, so no one has ever said that Emily is fat. But some time before losing weight, I was reminded by friends that some were considered jokes and hurt Emily’s self-esteem.

So, let’s start losing weight.

Weight loss time and history

Emily’s weight loss journey begins at the end of June 2018

Divided into two parts:

1. Weight loss stage: 2018.7~2018.11, fitness-oriented, weight dropped from 124 pounds to 98 pounds, body fat decreased from 34.6% to 25%.

2. Maintenance stage: 2018.11~present, the fitness is abolished, the weight drops from 98 to 94 pounds, and the body fat drops from 25% to 24%.

Below Emily will introduce these two stages from time, diet, fitness, and effects.

Weight loss stage 2018.7~2019.1

The first stage

At that time, there was no awareness of weight, and I did not know how long I could persist. There was no record.

Time: June 24th to June 30th, 2018

Ways to lose weight: daily dinner changed to salad, not fitness

Daily diet: Three meals are eaten as usual, and dinner is changed to the salad.

Effect: Basically 0, PS. Husband lost 2 pounds…

The second stage 122 pounds → 110 pounds

With the lessons of the first week, Emily decided to start fitness in the second week.

Time: July 2018 to early August

Ways to lose weight: fitness + vegetable salad + snacks

Daily diet: Breakfast, lunch, as usual, but will reduce the intake, every meal is just enough to stop, eat a vegetable salad for dinner. Quit all the snacks.

Fitness mode: 2 strength training per week (mainly shoulders, thighs, arms), 1 aerobic training (slope 10, speed 6, 1 hour).

Special activities: I was corrupted once in the middle. One night I was drinking with my friends and I was up 2 pounds a night. The next day was hungry for 1 day, plus strength training for 1 hour, aerobic 1 hour, basically restore the weight before eating.

The third stage 110 pounds → 97 pounds

In the second stage, it was found that strength training did not work for Emily. On the one hand, Emily had no muscles and no strength. It was very difficult to do strength training. On the other hand, Emily’s weight did not change significantly before and after strength training. So at this stage, Emily basically did not have any strength training, all of which are aerobic exercises. (Actually, strength training can increase muscle build-up, which later increases metabolism, but Emily’s target price at the time is a reduction in body weight.)

Time: mid-August to mid-November 2018

Ways to lose weight: fitness + vegetable salad + snacks

Daily diet: Reduce the intake of fried meals daily.

Breakfast :oatmeal + milk + fruit / small piece of bread (70% of breakfast is this); or 1 bun + 1 egg + 1 bowl of porridge;

Lunch : 1 dish (70% is vegetarian) +1 two meals (coarse grains) + 1 bowl of soup; Emily’s lunch is reduced by 1 dish, the previous two are often eaten, now 1 dish can eat Finish.

Dinner : vegetable salad

Fitness method: 1 aerobic training every 1 day, two days on weekends. Aerobic training = slope 10, speed 6, 1 hour

Special event: During this time, Emily experienced several large-scale corruption activities, but the weight did not rise much, especially happy! include:

August – Thailand tour for 5 days: Eat small snacks every day, normal three meals, eat a Thai bird’s nest every night before going to sleep. Constipation for 5 consecutive days caused constipation and did not eat much on the day of the return trip. After arriving home, the weight did not rise.

August-21km Spartan Warriors Warriors: I ate a loaf of bread before the game. I have been drinking sports drinks and eating 1-2 bananas. After I finished eating hot pot meals, my weight did not rise and fell slightly. a little!

September-35km on foot: The whole process has been eating chocolate, beef jerky, and drinking sports drinks; vegetarian food at noon, potatoes and cabbage have eaten a lot. After the end, I thought the weight would drop, but not!

September- self-driving for 5 days: Every day is on the road, breakfast, lunch is eaten in the car, usually at night to find local characteristics of corruption, eat enough to stop, after the end of the weight actually fell slightly!

October – Seafood 5 days: Go visit friends, three seafood dinners a day, friends are too enthusiastic to eat more, eat a lot every day, go out to play when you have time, especially worried about weight gain. There was no meal on the day of the return trip, and the weight did not rise!

The fourth stage 97 pounds → 95 pounds

Time is on the way to November, and Emily’s weight goal has basically been reached. As the weather gets colder, Emily doesn’t want to move anymore, even if the gym is only 2 minutes from Emily home.

Time: mid-November 2018~ end of December 2018

Ways to lose weight: dieting

Daily diet: Eat very, very little, follow the noon.

Breakfast : oatmeal (20-30g) + milk (240ml)

Lunch : 1 dish (70% is vegetarian) +1 two meals (coarse grains) +1 bowl of soup; in the third stage, Emily will eat the dishes and rice, the fourth stage Emily has not even finished this.

Dinner : not eating;

Fitness method: don’t go to the gym, occasionally kicking at home

Special event: no

At this stage, Emily unexpectedly encountered two things:

Emily started constipation and got acne. Hurt can only lie

Menstrual disorders, not for two months, Emily once thought that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

The above are the four stages of Emily’s weight loss. The most obvious ones are the second and third stages, all of which are exercise-based health. The fourth stage is simply terrible, don’t go on a diet.

For Emily, because Emily’s previous problems were mainly eating too much, when Emily quit snacks, and when eating, pay attention to saving and control. Fitness is just an aid to weight loss for Emily.

During this time, Emily almost refused all the friends’ invitations. If she had to go, she would basically only be vegetarian and drink pure water.

In the fourth stage, snacks and fitness have been stopped, and there is only one way for Emily to achieve weight loss. In addition to the damage done to the body, those days Emily sleeps hungry every night, hungry and wants to cry. But the next day I saw that my weight dropped a little bit and I was much happy.

Fortunately, those who have passed, reduced to the target weight of 95, Emily began to maintain.

Maintenance phase 2019.1 months~present

Reduced to the target weight, only half of the victory; the harder half is to maintain.

For Emily, it didn’t take up to Emily’s life to eat snacks for half a year, so Emily had to adjust her body to snacks during the maintenance phase, and she couldn’t make weight gain.

In the fourth stage, Emily went to Japan and violently walked away, allowing Emily to resume normal three meals and snacks. After returning home, I found that the weight did not increase, so Emily removed the small snack first and let the body adapt to the normal three meals. But Emily’s every meal is still not much.

Breakfast = oatmeal + milk, a staple food (bread / fruit) every other day

Lunch = 1 dish + 1 2 meals (mainly coarse grains, but also eat rice) +1 bowl of soup; then eat the dishes and rice

Dinner = half a dish + half meat + half staple food

After observing for a while, I found that my weight did not rise, so Emily began to secretly add snacks after dinner.

Start with 20G and deceive the body every day;

After that, it was increased to 50G, half a bag of potato chips, and continued to observe, and found that the weight did not rise;

Slowly, add snacks to 100G, and add half a popsicle by the way;

Until now, Emily will eat two packs of small peas every afternoon and will eat about 100G snacks after dinner, plus 1 popsicle.

This is the limit that Emily can afford today, and it won’t be like this every day. Emily will weigh before eating snacks every day to decide how much to eat at night.

Regarding fitness, Emily has barely exercised during the maintenance phase. Recently, because she planned to go hiking, she went to the gym twice to do aerobics. It is obvious that physical strength is much worse than before.

Part4. What did  bring to Emily?

The benefits of weight loss to Emily are both good and bad.

There are so many benefits:

A healthy and endurable body than before: Emily climbed the volcano in Indonesia two years ago, and many of her husbands pushed it up. Now on foot and Sparta, Emily relies on herself to succeed.

A better eating habit: Emily didn’t drink milk before losing weight, and now Emily falls in love with milk; more than that, Emily falls in love with eating vegetables, drinking soda, and finally quits years of sugar.

The skin seems to be better than before: this is a continuous fitness sweating metabolism during fitness, during which time I can often hear friends say that Emily’s skin is getting better.

Numerous praises and more talks: Friends see Emily’s daily three company is “How are you so thin”, “How do you slim down”, “How long have you been using it?” Weight loss and beauty are women’s eternal topics, and now Emily seems to have some say.

Of course, it also brought to Emily some not so good places:

The chest will become smaller: Emily is a C sister, now A, but Emily has always used clothes to better look to comfort herself.

Eating badly: Emily’s previous meal volume allowed Emily to eat all the food she loved on the table three times. Emily’s stomach may be 2/3 smaller than before, and two biscuits Emily will be able to eat, but will soon be hungry.

Part5. Weight loss experience dry goods sharing

It is definitely not a simple move to lose weight successfully:

Experience sharing:

How to develop a fitness habit: taking the leg is the first step to lose weight, some people can persist for 1 day, and some people can persist for 1 year. Emily can stick to it mainly on two aspects. First, Emily found a fitness instructor. Every other day, he asked Emily to come to the gym. In the beginning, Emily often shirked. When I refused, I was embarrassed. It can be said that Emily can stick to it in the early stage because of him! Second, Emily has a group of friends who are losing weight together. They encourage Emily “you are a small face” and “you have no stomach” every day. Without their encouragement, Emily will definitely not stand.

Good habits to develop weight: Emily will measure weight many times a day, after getting up early in the toilet, before and after meals, before going to bed. After getting up early, it is a benchmark value, which can accurately tell Emily’s daily weight; before and after meals, I want to learn how to measure the weight of each meal, so that I have a number in my heart; before I go to sleep, I estimate it every night. How many things, and how much it will cost to sleep every night. However, the most extreme of Emily is to measure the weight before and after each snack to measure how many snacks Emily can eat~

Develop a good habit of looking at the heat meter: the heat meter mainly looks at three values ??- calories, fat, protein. Calories/4 can calculate calories, and the calorie intake per day for adults is limited. Be careful not to overtake. In addition, food should try to choose protein content > 15G, fat content < 8G (per 100G) Emily has always followed.

Eat more vegetables, eat fewer fruits; eat more coarse grains, eat less rice: I believe many people like Emily, mistakenly think that fruits and vegetables are the same as weight loss. Fruits have high sugar content. To lose weight, you need to reduce the intake of sugar powder. So change the fruit into vegetables, and vegetables can also promote the benefits of excretion. The use of whole grains for rice is because the stomach needs more power to digest coarse grains than fine grains, so it can promote metabolism.

Give yourself a goal and give a reasonable explanation: Emily has set two goals for herself during weight loss. The first time was 105 pounds, which was the weight that Emily originally wanted to reduce; the second was 95 pounds, which is Emily’s ultimate target weight. But in order to give me more chance to eat, Emily’s actual goal will be a few pounds lower than this value. Emily’s current goal is actually 92 pounds, leaving 3 pounds for the belly.

Lesson sharing:

Do not diet, you will get hemorrhoids;

Do not diet, menstruation may not be normal!

Part6. Weight loss common Q&A

These questions were searched by Emily when she lost weight. Here is Emily’s answer.

Q: Is the keep working?

A: Keep is useless for Emily. Every practice time is too short to be effective; and Emily is easy to give up at home, not as good as the gym.

Q: Is the beautiful ballet used?

A: Emily always wanted to try beautiful ballet. It is said that she can stretch her neck, thin arms and thin legs to make her body better. However, Emily didn’t stick to the first lesson and it didn’t work for Emily.

Q: How did you get it down?

A: Move your legs and move your mouth.

Q: The older you are, the less you lose?

A: It is true that the various materials and introductions seen by Emily are said. But if you don’t lose weight today, your age will be bigger tomorrow. It will only become more and more difficult, a vicious circle. So, if you really want to reduce it, you don’t have to worry about it.

PS. Emily’s mother, more than 50 people, two months, by walking to reduce 20 pounds of meat. Of course, her base is also large, Emily just wants to show that age is only a small part of the weight loss barrier, the big head is still determination and perseverance.

Q: Will weight loss make your stomach smaller?

A: It will make the waist circumference smaller and will not make the whole belly smaller. If you want to make your stomach smaller or smaller, either stick to your abdominal muscles or you will lose weight to a certain extent.

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