Open the box: French Furterer shampoo hair care essential oil

Creative position statement: just take out of the box, started using this brand of shampoo / essential oil/essence,  do not know the effect!

Show & unpacking

This time I got the French brand of shampoo and maintenance essential oil, which was specially bought for the husband who likes hair loss. The sun-dried list is like this. Let’s just open a box. Express delivery is an official green big box.

Open the box and see that everything is well protected.

Take out everything and check it out to see if it has been damaged due to express delivery. It is very good.

It’s these things when you take them all out and take pictures.


It’s very simple to open the box. Let’s take a look at some of the products.First of all, look at these four, all shampoo, but they are not the same. Should the front of the box be French? Anyway, looking at it is not like English words.

A total of four shampoos, I am using other brands of shampoo, the effect is currently not very obvious, it took 3 months, may be slow or useless? The remaining three bottles, I have not used, so you can look at the introduction.

In addition to shampoo, I also bought a solid hair essence, because I was just starting to use it. In the end, I can’t share it with you. However, based on curiosity, I simply looked at it. Most people said that it was effective. A small part said that hair loss became serious after use. Then I will try the mentality first.

When my husband just started to lose hair, he didn’t feel anything, but after, found that the hair volume suddenly disappeared a lot. The hairline shift and the forehead angle became serious . Sometimes it was quite heart-wrenching. I don’t know if using these has any effect. If you are also losing hair, there are better ways and product recommendations, you can leave a comment for us talking it.

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