Seven tips for taking your baby out in the car

If you need to take a trip in the car and your baby is along for the ride, here are my top tips to make sure you both have a comfortable journey.

Take off their outer layers– Just like you babies don’t want to sit in the car in their overcoat. The thickness of their coat means the straps in their car seat would need to be loosened making them unsafe in the event of a crash. Take off coats and cardigans so you can make the straps fit their body accordingly. Take a blanket along with you so if there is a chill in the car, they won’t feel it.

Go prepared– Take everything you normally would out with you even if it’s only a short trip. Your baby might want a drink or a nappy change when you get out at the other end.

Music– Make sure you have at least one baby friendly CD in your car. You might not like it- but it will calm your little one down if you get stuck in traffic and can’t leave the car to tend to them.

Take toys to keep them entertained– Take a few of their favourite toys to put on their lap so if your journey is long- they have something to keep them occupied. Their favourite teddy bear can also be a comfort to them if they tend to go to sleep when you start to move.

Use a sun blind– Whichever side your baby’s car seat is on- make sure there is a car blind to block out the sun if it’s a hot day. Babies can burn easily, so it’s important to keep them protected. It’s also a good idea to put sun cream on them if it’s a warm day to make sure they are doubly protected.

Passengers sit in the back– If you are travelling as a twosome- one of you should sit in the back om the event your baby needs anything. If nothing else, they will feel better having someone nearby to look at and engage with.

Buy a baby car mirror– This is placed around the head rest in the back seat opposite their car seat so you can see them in your driver’s mirror. This enables you to keep an eye on them if you are driving around with them on your own.

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