Nike air flightposite out of the box

A brief introduction to air flightposite, I have never played basketball since 2005, just bought AJ13 in 2009, and bought air flightposite in 2019. So, performance is not to say, just a feeling.

In my eyes, air flightposite is a pair of standard guard shoes, but when Nike launched, Duncan, Garnett and other stars are wearing, so that these shoes from the center to the big forward small forward, shooting guard point guard, can Wearing, basically it is running on the stadium. It is rumored that there is a Kobe version in the same year, but Kobe has not yet listed Koddy to jump to Adidas. The Kobe style air flightposite was not produced.

Open the box below.

The box is quite satisfactory. I haven’t bought a NIKE for many years. I don’t know what the box is.

Label paper, posted a lot.

The overall reason is that it should be considered green, personally feel better than the Knicks shoe color matching.

Technically, it is called laser, which means that the light and color reflected by different light angles are not the same. Similar to the reflection of the back cover of various mobile phones.

One of the features of air flightposite is the zipper design on the outermost side of the front, which makes the upper look more integrated and can increase the wrapping ability and improve the stability of the sides of the upper.

The venting holes of the two inner metal meshes, it is reasonable to say that these two venting holes are almost useless. These shoes are very prone to sweating.

In order to start the speed of the sole, the outsole is made very thin and there is no midsole design. In the arch part of the outsole, a plastic plate is used to increase stability.

The zipper opens and there is a lace system inside. The zipper alone does not allow the upper to fit more. Because of this design, friends with higher feet may want to really consider whether to buy these shoes. The five small dots in the heel section represent the alpha project series. It can be said that these five dots represent the top products of Nike, such as Shox BB4 and 2K4. The inner boot design perfectly surrounds the ankle area, the thick insole, and two split ZOOM air cushions are placed underneath.

The air flightposite shoes are very distinctive: the foamed upper, the zipper wrapped shoelaces and the foot surface, the ZOOM on the insole, and the ultra-thin outsole. Although I haven’t worn basketball shoes for so many years, I can still feel the incomparable wrapping and upper support, plus the ultra-thin outsole and ZOOM configuration that is very easy to force, which is very suitable for practical use. The shortcomings are also obvious, very unfriendly to the high instep, the big toe position is easy to break, the big weight cannot hold and so on.

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