“Growing clothes on the chair”,Girl's law of finishing cloth

Girls are always “a refined person” and “pig girl” coexist.

It was very sweet one second before, and it became a lazy queen in the next second, lying on the chair.

Until I agreed to the male companion coming to the house to have a cup of tea, I suddenly remembered that my home was very messy!Packing up the messy clothes into the cupboard, I hope the cabinet can be bigger. Just the boyfriend has pressed the doorbell –

It’s not that the “pig girl” is lazy, but the clothes last night are really embarrassing

The clothes that pass through once are not dirty at all, and there is no need to wash them!

If you wear it for two days in a row, it will inevitably cause your colleagues to misunderstand: Who is going to date with last night?

It’s definitely not appropriate to put it back in the closet. What can I do? So, it’s good to have a place to store it!

You don’t have to do this again. . .

Recommend these easy-to-use “temporary storage” and “utility hangers” to everyone! Get rid of the “stool man” troubles, deal with “last night’s clothes”, and improve the bedroom clean!

It is also a kind of happiness to enter the door and clothes bags can be hung.

“Arranging the work to the nearest minute, but going home just wants to relax.”

The hook is the easiest way to store it. The wall behind the door is easy to paste and combine.

Many of the hooks on the market have low value, the combination is not good, and the weight is poor.

The weight-bearing hook fell to the ground in the middle of the night and everyone experienced it. Is there a hook that is stable and beautiful?

The first to be able to fold the log hooks, the beautiful wood texture is both hard and soft, and the metal style can complement each other. It is free of punching ~~~

It is most suitable for use in places where space is limited behind the door. The 85° tilt angle is the best load bearing, and the angle can be freely changed.

No need to use nails, use glue, it is very strong, you can hang more clothes

There are a lot of clothes, bags and belts, but the room is very small. If you stick the hooks, you will get everywhere. What if you look confused? Here is a “big energy” hook

This simple Nordic style rear door storage rack has a total of 14 round head hooks. The keys, clothes, hats, bags and belts can be hung. Don’t worry about destroying the overall beauty of the home wall because of the sticky hook.

Milky white frame + log non-slip design with simple style

The biggest advantage of this design is that it can be hung directly on the door, no need to worry about bearing weight, 14 hooks, suitable for small objects.

The romantic girl loves to be full of fantasies, this hook of art style, specially prepared for girls who like freedom, agility and creativity.

Can be freely combined, with the heart, you can put a creative combination according to the wall space or home, even if you do not hang things can also play a very good decorative role.

The coat is on the wall, and the artistic atmosphere is straight to three grades.

This one can choose whether to punch holes according to the weight. I like it anyway, because it can really play your creativity in visual layout~~

Nature is the best designer, and I have seen this unique design at a glance.

This kind of hanger is made of German eucalyptus, which has clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth color. As one of the household woods, it reveals a strong aristocratic atmosphere.

The chic shape of the branches, like moving the forest into the house, the most important thing is that it can bear 13 coats!

Hanging a scarf bag adds warmth to the bedroom.

Also inspired by nature, there is also an antler-shaped beech stand-up coat rack.

This coat rack is made up of nine A-grade eucalyptus woods. It has a traditional Luban lock design, and its triangular structure is very stable and its load-bearing capacity is also very good.

These two beech designs are very simple and full of agile beauty.

This Japanese-style ladder-shaped rack is easy to move, simple in line, does not occupy space, and can expand the height of the room infinitely. It is also a good home decoration without hanging clothes.

Visual extension, simple shape, easy to hang

Not only is it easy to place clothes, but it also has a chic look that is nostalgic.

The product is equipped with a silent anti-slip mat, which can effectively prevent the collision with the wall. The bottom can also be used as an art partition, which is most suitable for a variety of girls.

Finally, recommend a comprehensive coat rack for a slightly larger home. This coat rack is complete, comes with a mirror, the mirror is foldable, and the explosion-proof design ensures safe use.

Hats and bags are hung on the left side, long clothes are hung in the middle, drawers can be put on necklaces and other clothing accessories, and a hanger can solve all the items that are worn, which is very convenient~

Of course, such a good-looking design, the price is slightly more expensive, but overall is also a great choice.

Good design can not only solve the trouble, but also add fun and beauty to the home, focus on these small details, and be a “home superwomen”

I want to discuss with you:

Will you accumulate the clothes last night?

What kind of sticky hook have you seen?

Do you like to be nervous or exquisite or lazy and comfortable?

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